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Books 81-85

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Jul. 12th, 2005 | 02:25 pm
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It's soooo hot. I've spent a lot of time these last couple days just sprawled out on my bed with the a/c cranked up, reading. Hence, a faster-than-usual update. I'm starting to pick up the pace on my summer readathon!

81.) Title: Payment in Blood
Author: Elizabeth George
Marcia's Grade: B-.This is the second in the series starring Inspector Lynley and Sergeant Havers. I found it dull and disappointing after A Great Deliverance. My mom (who is an avid Elizabeth George fan) says that it's just a subpar entry in the series, so I will continue to give the rest of her books a try.

82.) Title: The Dead Sit Round in a Ring
Author: David Lawrence
Marcia's Grade: A-. This is the first mystery/thriller featuring DS Stella Mooney. It's very dark and compelling, but it's awfully long and does drag at places. I wasn't sure I would like it at the beginning. The author's style is unusual, very descriptive but also choppy and action-oriented. I got used to it, though, and am looking forward to the next book in the series.

83.) Title: Mysterious Skin
Author: Scott Heim
Marcia's Grade: B+. This is an interesting novel about child molestation and the differing effects it has on the two main protagonists. The prose is beautiful, the characters well drawn, but it's not light reading. The subject matter and the plot are both brutal and disturbing, leaving a sick taste in my mouth. This is being made into a movie; I don't think I want to see it, because if they stay true to the book it will be far too disturbing on the screen, but if they water it down (as I'm afraid they might), the essence of the book will be totally lost.

84.) Title: Mallory's Oracle
Author: Carol O'Connell
Marcia's Grade: A. Excellent mystery novel, with a totally unique detective, Kathy Mallory, and an assortment of other interesting characters. Pretty dark, though, so not for fans of the cozier mysteries. I liked it a lot; I already got the second book out from the library. I haven't been this excited about a mystery author since I discovered Jonathan Kellerman.

85.) Title: Sahara Special
Author: Esmé Raji Codell
Marcia's Grade: A+. Awesome children's book about a little girl and the way a great teacher can change her students' lives. Sweet and fun, but with an important message, this was a great change of pace after the string of "dark" books I read before it.

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